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08 February 2008 @ 04:08 pm
Contest #23 - Nightwish Lyrics  

is anybody still interested in this communuty??
the last contest didnt get any enteries!!

This Contest can be  of any band member in any metal, rock or punk band... but you have to use lyrics from nightwish song "THE POET AND THE PENDULUM" in your icon.

[x} reply to this post with your icons
[x] You Can Use Brushes, Textures ect. In Your Graphix.
[x] You Can Post Up to 4 Icons In Each Contest.
[x] Dont Tell Anyone Which Graphic Is Yours.
[x] Voting Is On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, The Winners Will Be Told On Sunday. 
[x] Dont Post Your Graphix In Other Journals Until Competition Is Finnished.